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Claire Nicolas

Photos: Julian Martitz

Claire Nicolas (associated PhD student) holds a Master's degree from the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences (AgroParisTech) and SupAgro Montpellier, France. She specialised in issues of natural resource management, environmental and agricultural public policies and rural development. Since 2008 she has been working in the field of research management, currently in a research institute in Potsdam. She is associated with PlanSmart as an associated PhD researcher  Her research interests are governance issues and innovative business modells for stakeholders - in particular at the interface between agriculture and ecologically sound water management.

Professional experience

  • Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering, Potsdam: Executive Assistant to the Scientific Director (current position)

  • French Ambassy, Department for Science and Technology,  Berlin: Scientific consultant

  • Water Agency Seine-Normandie, Châlons-en-Champagne, France: Intern (in combination with Master's thesis on the pertinence, usefulness and feasibility of the elaboration of a water resource development and management outline for the hydrographic unit Marne-Vignoble in the vineyard of Champagne)

  • Agro-Öko-Consult GmbH, Berlin: Intern (integrated rural development)

  • ZALF, Institute of Socio-Economics, Müncheberg: Intern (biodiversity issues in agriculture)


Brunsch, R.; Nicolas, C.; Prochnow, A.(2010): Bioenergie aus der Landwirtschaft - Potenziale, Stand, Perspektiven. In: Dalchow, .(eds.): Landwirtschaft und Energie - ein dauerhaftes Spannungsfeld. Tagung Landwirtschaft und Energie aus Anlass des 200jährigen Jubiläums der Humboldt-Universität. Fördergesellschaft Albrecht Daniel Thaer e.V., Möglin, (978-3-9812614-2-4), p. 85-97.