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Rodrigo Caracciolo Martins

Photos: Julian Martitz

Rodrigo Caracciolo Martins studied geography at the University of São Paulo, Brazil and is currently writing his master thesis at the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. After the university studies in 2010 he participated as scientific staff in the same university focusing in the management plan of natural parks and the application of landscape ecology approach to nature conservation. In this period he was also an exchange student at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. In 2012 he worked for an environmental consultancy in Brazil with GIS modelling and mapping for geological disasters. Since 2014, he has been studying his master's in Landscape Sciences at Leibniz University of Hannover. His main topics of interest are ecosystem service indicators and assessment, GIS-modelling and landscape ecology.


E-Mail: rodrigocaracciologmail.com


Professional experience:

  • TenneT TSO, Lehrte, Germany: GIS assistant
  • REGEA – Geologia e Estudos Ambientais, São Paulo, Brazil: Geographer and GIS-consultant
  • Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil: Scientific-technical assistant


Proposta de conservação de remanescentes florestais em terrenos cársticos na região do Vale do Ribeira, SP [Proposal for conservation of forest remnant patches in carst terrain at the Vale do Ribeira Region, SP], 2. Brazilian Congress of Landscape Ecology (IALE-BR), Salvador, Brazil 09-12.09.2012.

Avaliação da degradação da vegetação através do mapeamento de geótopos no município de Ubatuba, SP [Evaluation of vegetation degradation state through mapping the geotopes (biotopes) in Ubatuba Municipality, SP.]. 12. EGAL – Encuentro de Geografos de America Latina, Montevideo, Uruguai, 03-07.04.2009.