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Sarah Gottwald

Photos: Julian Martitz

Sarah Gottwald holds a Master's degree in Environmental Planning from the Technical University Berlin and a Bachelor’s degree in Geography with a focus on Landscape Planning and GIS. She worked in national and bi-national research projects at Aalto University, Finland, and Technical University Berlin, Germany. Her experiences include topics such as Public Participation GIS, Ecosystem Services and Public Participation. She is passionate about ICT-based planning tools which allow integrating people and the environment into planning practice.


Tel.:     +49 (0) 511 762 4046

E-Mail: gottwaldumwelt.uni-hannover.de


Professional experience

  • Aalto University – Urban Planning department: Research assistant
  • TU Berlin – Environmental Planning department: Student assistant
  • CAU Kiel – Environmental Management unit: Student assistant



Gottwald, S.; Laatikainen, T. & Kyttä, M. (2016): Exploring the usability of PPGIS among older adults: challenges and opportunities. In: International Journal of Geographical Information Science.

Raymond, C. M.; Gottwald, S.; Kuoppa, J. & Kyttä, M. (2016): Integrating multiple elements of environmental justice into urban blue space planning using public participation geographic information systems. In: Landscape and Urban Planning 153, 198-208.