Case Studies

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PlanSmart addresses water-borne challenges through investigating the effectiveness of options for nature-based solutions and technical alternatives, developing novel procedures and technologies, and applying a truly transdisciplinary approach.

The research program consists of four main elements:

  • A conceptual framework will be jointly developed to guide the inter- and transdisciplinary work of the research group on nature-based solutions.
  • Literature reviews and two innovative case studies in Germany and the Netherlands will be conducted in order to identify the best available knowledge concerning the successes, success factors and limitations of the context and design of planning and implementing nature-based solutions.
  • Urban regions within the Lahn river basin in Germany will serve as a demonstration project for planning and implementing nature-based solutions. PlanSmart will set up transdisciplinary SolutionLabs in the case study region to cooperate closely with partners from policy, practice and science at local, national and international levels. We plan to cooperate closely with “LiLa Living Lahn”, a large project funded by the EU LIFE IP program to enhance the ecological status of the Lahn River and to simultaneously fulfill the interests of actors from various sectors.
  • The transferability of our findings will be explored in a transfer project in Central America, concretely at the Tárcoles River in Costa Rica.